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Testimony of James Stewart, A Wishaw Covenanter Hanged in 1681

Posted at Jardine's Book of Martyrs : The Testimony of James Stewart , domestic servant to Thomas Steuart in Coltness in the parish of Cambusnethan , who was hanged at the Gallowlee , betwixt Edinburgh and Leith, on 10 October, 1681. ‘Dear Friends—I being in prison for Christ, and his persecuted cause, though some may say otherwise, and that upon the account of my taking; but I do not care what they say—for I have had, and yet have great peace in my sufferings—but some will be ready to say, That it was an—imprudent and an unsure action, and so might have been forborne—and suppose it be so, it is not the head of my suffering, for it was not that upon which I was staged,—for I was presently staged for the truth, the next day after I was taken, being brought before a committee;—though indeed I was not so free as I should have been. There is a passage, Acts xxi. of Paul’s going up to Jerusalem, which, some say, he might have forborne, but more especially his going up to the temple, and