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Covenanters and Slavery - Part Nine: Christians and the Civil War by Dr. John W. Robbins

Originally published at Ladies Of The Covenant . Ladies Of The Covenant editor's note: This essay by John W. Robbins is being reproduced from The Trinity Foundation website and can be found in its entirety at: . Also, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Andrea Schwertley for directing me to it. Mrs. Schwertley is truly a lady of the Covenant. - Angela Wittman, ed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christians and the Civil War By Dr. John W. Robbins - The Trinity Foundation Editor’s note: John Robbins finished this essay December of 2007. After battling cancer for almost three years he went home to be with his Lord on August 14, 2008. He believed and faithfully defended Christ Jesus and the one true Gospel of our King. He lived his life according to Philippians 1:21 - “To live is Christ, to die is gain.” May we all endeavor to do the same. “Only let your conduct be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come

Covenanters and Slavery - Part 8: 'justice, your religion, requires that you should cease to be slave-holders'

By Angela Wittman As we conclude Alexander McLeod's Discourse: Negro Slavery Unjustifiable , let us learn from his words and the spilled blood of Americans in the War Between the States that God will not be mocked. If only God's people had heeded the words of Pastor McLeod preached 60 years earlier and followed the direction given on how to repent and extricate themselves from the sin of slave-holding, the War may have been avoided or at the very least would not have been as bloody as it was ( the total death count has been estimated at 600,000 and perhaps even up to 700,000 men ). [Emphasis in bold text is mine, AW] III. To make some improvement. In his walk of faith, the Christian considers himself bound to the practice of every known duty. By the test of obedience, the nature of his love to God is tried. This is the love of Gods that ye keep his commandments, and his commandments are not grievous. [17] This disposition inclines and fits him for making a practical improveme

Covenanters and Slavery - Part Seven: 'God is the Lord of the universe. As the Supreme Governor, he does what is right.'

By Angela Wittman Alexander M’Leod's Negro Slavery Unjustified continued from Part Six : [Bold text emphasis is mine, A.W.] This naturally leads us to consider another objection—the most plausible argument that can possibly be offered in defence of the unhallowed practice of holding our fellow men in perpetual bondage. OBJECTION IV. "God permitted the ancient Israelites to hold their fellow creatures in servitude. Men and women were bought and sold among them. The bond servant is called his master’s money. Exod. 21:21. Had it been wrong in its nature to enslave any human being, God could not have granted the Hebrews a permission to do it. Negro slavery, stripped of some accidental cruelties, is not necessarily wicked." ANSWER. This objection requires minute attention. The fact is granted. Heaven did permit the Hebrews to purchase some of the human race for servitude. The general principle deduced from this fact is also granted. It is, in certain cases, lawful to enslave

Covenanters and Slavery - Part Six: 'The inferiority of the blacks to the whites has been greatly exaggerated.'

By Angela Wittman In our study of Alexander McLeod's booklet Negro Slavery Unjustified , we now come to the section where he refutes objections which had been raised. In order to not overwhelm the reader or miss any important point raised, I'll go through the objections raised and responses given a few at a time. Once again, please note that the text in bold is my emphasis on that particular point. I have now finished what I designed to say in confirmation of the doctrine of the proposition, and shall proceed, II. To refute objections offered to the principle I have been defending. It is not to be expected that every objection shall now occur. Some that are made probably I never heard; and some which I have heard may have escaped my recollection. I shall not, however, designedly evade any that has the appearance of argument. I shall examine each in order to ascertain its full value. OBJECTION I. "Nature has made a distinction between man and man. One has stronger intellect

Covenanters and Slavery - Part Five: Consequences of Slavery for Nations and Individuals

By Angela Wittman Pastor McLeod continues to lay out the injurious results for a nation (America in particular) and its people which tolerate and practice enslavement of their fellow human beings. As you read this excerpt from Negro Slavery Unjustifiable (printed in the early 1800s), look at America as it is today in 2011 and you will see how the awful effects of our historical past of tolerating slavery still bears fruit today. Clearly this is an evil which God has judged and one which we need to fully repent of. [Emphasis in bold text is mine. AW] 6. The last argument I shall use for confirming the doctrine of the proposition, shall be taken from the pernicious consequences of the system of slavery. To this manner of reasoning there can be no valid objection, if it be kept within proper boundaries. That evil consequences follow a certain practice is not always a decisive evidence that the practice is wrong; but it is a sufficient reason for us to pause, and examine it in the light o